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Lithuanian Military Digest

2018 No. 1 (1)


Lithuanian armed forces are proud to present to you this new and in some case unique project - the monthly issue "Lithuanian Military Digest", dedicated to those who serve in the eFP Battalion and our other allies residing in Lithuania. After a number of considerations and experiments, a creative idea is finally seeing daylight, and, we hope, will be a pleasant addition to your spare time.

Our vision is to provide the most up-to-date news in the fields of security and defence, original articles, leisure time opportunities for soldiers, and your own service experiences and achievements in Lithuania. We hope to gather you all not just as an audience of readers but also as content creators; every month we will allocate time for visits to Rukla, NFIU headquarters, Zokniai airbase, where we will prepare reportages and interviews.

Also, we want to share the history of our beloved land and a variety of other interesting topics, which will be published in a special rubric. With this very first edition of the digest we invite you to get acquainted with Adolfas Ramanauskas-Vanagas, one of the most famous Lithuanian freedom fighters. For this partisan's memory 2018 was announced as his year.

We believe that, perhaps, this project will become not only a regular informational issue, but will also allow each one of you to bring back a piece of our small but magnificent Lithuania to your homeland.

Informacija atnaujinta 2018.10.03
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